The fuel will rise exponentially in price in Mexico the 1 of January

Combustible México

Still I remember as if it were yesterday, the face of a fool that I was, when I lived in Mexico, to see my friend Karina fill up the fuel tank of his mighty Honda Crosstour. To fill this car out to about 70 liters of fuel and at that time, filled it to the top for less than 50 euros. I don’t remember exactly as it was the price of a gallon of gasoline, but if what she told me, and it is that “still had been much more economical.”

If we take the accounts at the gross, we have that the liter of gasoline came out to about 71 cents €uro or what is the same, about 11 mexican pesos (the exchange of that time). If we compare with the pricing, in Spain we’re paying for the same fuel about 50 cents of the €uro more there. There are also that say that Mexico is one of the countries producers of crude oil and therefore can afford a few more economic prices, however this will change next 1st day of January.

Combustible México

As reported by several media the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) will increase the price of fuel the next year on average, a 14 percent. The problem of this climb is that it is not the first time up with the mexicans, and that seems to have no end in the short term. According to the SHCP, this measure was taken to compensate the rise of prices at the global level of the fuel.

in Addition, the agency has also said that this rise will only affect drivers more wealthy, however this is not true, as the fleet of Mexico is not only formed by cars are expensive and for rich people, there are many humble people who need the car for work and live and also pay the higher prices.

With this rise price, call the mexican “gasolinazo” petrol Magna will increase their price by 14.2 per cent and the Premium 20.1 percent. We have with this is that suddenly the price of gasoline Magna will 15,99 weights and the premium 17,79 weights. If you go into the diesel fuel dedicated to industrial and buses) the increase will be 16.5 per cent resulting in a few 17,05 pesos more per liter refueled.

If we compare the future rates with those that I met, we can see that his increase has been much greater than have been announced in the authorities of the country, and therefore is detrimental to the mexican economy. In addition, if to all this we add the devaluation suffered by the mexican peso with victory Trump in the election of the united States and low wages that exist, we have that drivers mexican impoverish even more.

Source – The Country