The future Alfa Romeo Giulietta: what a rear wheel drive or front?


The Alfa Romeo Giulietta which is currently marketed

doubts Alfa Romeo is a constant for a long time. An example of such concerns arose with the first generation of the Giulietta, when he was almost ready to begin the manufacture of prototypes and everything that involves the manufacturing, the parts of automobile, stamping, vendors, etc.

Sergio Marchionne returned the project to the table of their designers because it was not his taste and they could do something better, which led to a delay in the arrival of the new model.

In the case of Giulia, the designers had enough time at the time that the engineers developed the new modular platform rear-wheel-drive GIORGIO to conceive of different bodies and segments. Up to 8 Alfa Romeo, the more that will come with Maserati. It is something that we knew and that is reaffirmed by the words of Reid Bigland, the new ceo and director of technology of FCA that, in the past Hall of los Angeles, said that “modify the platform to launch additional products of FCA is a possibility. We have a gem. In terms of dynamic behavior, is the best of its kind and it will be difficult to keep it exclusive to Alfa Romeo.

With 1,000 million euros that has cost the platform, according to rumors, it would be very complicated, FCA’s used for models of Fiat redise├▒├índola completely for the front-wheel-drive.


The current Alfa Giulietta with its predecessor

But, the future Giulietta, which formed part of this ambitious plan and that it was planned to use the platform GIORGIO and to switch to rear-wheel drive, you are now on the air. We know that Alfa Romeo is considering the possibility to continue with the platform C-EVO of the current model with important modifications to make the model more lightweight. Why this change of plans? Why cost?

The answer is in BMW. The new product focus of the Italian brand has focused the spotlight on the Munich. It is true that the range of the Italian is very short, but in the development of the Giulia has had very in account to the BMW 3 Series, even the M3. The problem that arises Alfa Romeo is if the future range of the compact 1 Series, which will be transformed into Series 2, it will remain rear-wheel drive or pass to front in the form of a compact 5-door, even more taking into account that the future 1 Series will be a subcompact based on the front wheel drive platform UKL.

Interestingly, the Audi A3, for example, is not mentioned as an opponent for Alfa Romeo. His obsession is BMW and until the Italian does not know the intentions of the German manufacturer, will not move a pawn one. It will not take long, since the development of the new compact German has already started and soon we should see the first units covered by their tests on the street, as they are expected by the end of 2018.