The future Bentley Bentayga Coupe depends only on the approval of VAG


Recreation of the new Bentley Bentayga coupe.

The project of a variant two door coupe for the SUV Bentayga, Bentley is not just a rumor any more, as many that appear each year. Were the own makers of the brand which is in charge of publicizing the existence of the project. Starting from their own CEO, Wolfgang Dürheimer, who claimed that the project had been moved already to the dome of the VAG Group to solicit their approval.

Although the Bentayga is one of the more recent developments of the brand, in fact just a few weeks ago we premiered the diesel version, what is certain is that Bentley account with the Bentayga coupe among its development projects, current. So a new SUV a more sporty and two door is not a simple idea that runs through the corridors of the department of I+D in Crewe.

few months Ago, Bentley revealed in a briefing of design with some international media some of the sketches of the projects that are developing for the near future. According to attendees at this briefing, among these sketches is they could clearly distinguish some models, like the new versions of the Continental GT, although they also showed sketches of a new SUV two doors.


The Bentley Bentayga has been the last to get to the range.

Model showed great resemblance with the Bentayga, but this was not simply a variant of two-door of the current model.

To be questioned by various media, responsible for Bentley have not hesitated to affirm the existence of the project, which has not yet transcended its official name, outlining, in addition, that mark is already working on it. Being one of the five models that will be the range of the manufacturer of luxury british by 2020.

This range of five models could be composed by the existing Continental, Flying Spur, Mulsanne and Bentayga, which in theory, would the above-mentioned SUV coupe, as derived from the Bentayga, and the likely the production version of of the prototype 10 EXP Speed Six concept, a two-door model and court more sports that the current Continental GT.


Bentley 10 EXP Speed Six concept.

The arrival of a derivative of the two doors to the Bentayga would enter the fray directly with the successors of the Porsche Cayenne or Maserati Levante, as well as the future Lamborghini Urus. The gap in the market is evident, and the british brand not only has a good basis in the Bentayga, but that account within the German group with a large arsenal of technology and mechanic to do a product round.