The future BMW i5 seems to have been registered in a patent office

Patente supuesto BMW i5Lately it seems that we do not stop to speak of electric and hybrid vehicles. After the Paris motor show has been a place in which many brands have presented their technologies, either in the form of models of production or in the form of concepts, it is increasingly clear that passenger cars with electric propulsion are not elements of the far future, but of the very near future and, in some cases, the present. Today, we have come up with some images of a patent that could be the future BMW i5.

As you well know, BMW has a sub-brand for their vehicles exclusively in hybrid and electric those which are not derived from rear-wheel drive versions traditional: BMW i. In it are, currently, the BMW i3 and BMW i8. At the beginning of the year, during the celebration of the centenary of the brand of the propeller, the company announced that in the near future would get new vehicles to the sub-brand BMW i.

it Seems that these images of the patent could be the next model to enter the sub-brand. Therefore, we may be seeing the first images of the future BMW i5, if it is that is that the number the company decides to use. It is very likely that it is a concept but, seeing as it was the concept of the BMW i8 before revealing the final model, we can get to the idea that the future BMW i could keep a good part of the forms that we see.

Patente supuesto BMW i5Both the jacks on both the front and the back of the vehicle, remind us very much to the models BMW i3 and BMW i8. Keeps many things in common with both, as forms of the kidneys front, the headlamps, or the fine pilots of lights in the rear. As is usual in this type of vehicle, the front does not present so many air intakes to cool the engine, as it is not necessary for the flow rate.

silhouette has some more gentle forms, presenting a body of type sedan with body of five doors and wide gate for the trunk. Seeing the image that represents this lateral plane, it looks like BMW wants to find the maximum aerodynamic efficiency, trying to find the penetration to the air-less resistance to tourism.

We will be watching out for the large German manufacturer decides to launch some information about it now that you have filtered these images.

Patente supuesto BMW i5
Patente supuesto BMW i5
Patente supuesto BMW i5
Patente supuesto BMW i5

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