The future BMW Z4 already has its first rendering from X-Tomi

BMW Z4 render por X-Tomi Design

last week I had the German mark, through the head of BMW in America, Ludwig Willisch, commented in an interview with our colleagues at AutoGuide that there will come a sports car, but that was not going to be a BMW Z5 that they had invented it someone and it was not true. He continued by saying that “will be called the Z… probably 4”. This model, as you already know, you will use some shared technology with Toyota, which prepares the successor of the Supra.

The case is that these statements we have reopened the appetite of a new two-seater in the German firm. The BMW Z4 has ceased its production after 14 years and 110,000 units manufactured. While we still have doubts as to whether his successor really be called the Z4, we already can go to imagine how it could be the new model. X-Tomi Design, with its image rendering helps us to do this.

The designer has taken the luxury of creating a digital image of the profile front according to imagine. X-Tomi has used a silhouette very similar to that of the latest BMW Z4 while it has taken the last traits of identity of the firm, getting a very good combination. The front looks very low and wide due, in large part, the forms crushed of the kidneys characteristic of the brand and to the elongated headlamps with LED lighting that arrive virtually from the above mentioned kidneys to the steps of a wheel.

The bumper has marked forms and some sporty details as profiles that are above the fog lights. has Practically placed a package M. The large wheels shod with low-profile tyres add even more sportiness to the aesthetics outside of the imaginary BMW Z4 X-Tomi Design.

Say some rumors that it could be that the future BMW Z4 (or as finished is called) made their first appearances in 2018. On the other hand, it is easy to see that their engines used supercharging for turbo, being also possible the arrival of a hybrid version to the range of the future roadster.

Source – X-Tomi Design

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