The future Hyundai Tucson FCEV hydrogen, accompanied by the Toyota Mirai in their development


Hyundai is not any rookie in the hydrogen: for instance, your Hyundai’s ix35 Fuel Cell has been the first vehicle of the stack of fuel sold in Spain. Obviously, the low or non-existent infrastructure for the refuelling of hydrogen in our country has helped this model has not gone from being a simple anecdote to trade, but the south Korean manufacturer will continue betting for this mobility of the future.

A first look at these spy photos shows us a Hyundai Tucson in disguise, but there is much more: hunted in Death Valley, california, this ‘mule’ of evidence is accompanied by the Toyota Mirai, the new reference in terms of vehicles FCEV. As happened with hybrids, Toyota has given the first blow on the table when talking about cars of hydrogen, and the Mirai is already marketed in Japan, the united States and in some european countries.


A curious detail is the fact that the next BMW fuel cell stack also driving in the caravan next to the other Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai ix35 FCEV: it is obvious that the engineers of BMW and Hyundai want to set the appropriate comparisons with its rivals for the development of their future models of hydrogen. Here the story is repeated, although in this case, on the roads of the united States and under very high temperatures.

By the time little is known of its mechanics, but this new Hyundai FCEV will use an evolution of the current fuel cell technology from Hyundai, which reaches 136 HP and a autonomy really high, nearly 600 kilometers, with over 500 kilometres without refuelling that is currently offering the Toyota Mirai.

Although this prototype to hydrogen is in reality a ‘mule’ of evidence, we hope that the production model is a SUV of medium size, as with the Hyundai Tucson. However, will differ from this with specific details and a style that is more futuristic, inspired by the Hyundai Intrado Concept, emphasizing its nature as a vehicle of zero emissions. This new Hyundai FCEV will appear officially during the 2018.