The future is here, and will park the Mercedes E-Class from a mobile phone (video)

Today we woke up with a major breakthrough, the technology that will equip the new Mercedes E-Class Now we told that Mercedes-Benz wanted to make his big saloon, as technological product to virtually autonomous circular highway and even park it from off the carrier, maneuvering from a mobile phone. Now we can teach them how to work exactly this technology how we can park a Mercedes E-Class with no one on board without anyone take the controls , with a video in which we will check why Mercedes-Benz has come forward with innovative technology.

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Park your car from your mobile phone it seems to have become the new workhorse of the German premium. Unfortunately for Mercedes-Benz, the first battle has already won BMW , with its remote parking system for BMW Series 7, which arrives in dealerships this year. BMW proposed a system that can manipulate from an advanced key with touch screen and a limited room for maneuver. In the case of BMW , for example, the car must be perfectly aligned to park on drums.

It is at this point that Mercedes-Benz would certainly have found the key to offer a slightly more advanced system than BMW . A system that will have to wait until 2017 to see it in the new Mercedes Class E.

The Mercedes Class E will present a technology that not only open the door, allow the car boot and configure the memory of the seats and steering column, but is called to completely replace the keys.

If you look closely at this video, and we can see how the “driver” manipulates an iPhone 5 to park, and remove from the car park, a Mercedes E-Class completely camouflaged not uncover until next year. It seems that Mercedes-Benz will not go for a very technological key, but by turning the mobile phone into the car key to our own .

It is also clearly seen as room for maneuver of Mercedes Class E and Remote Parking Pilot system will be greater than in the case of BMW , to the point where we can stop the car perpendicular to the parking space and perform the complete operation from our mobile phone. Even we can fold the mirrors to enter the car in really tight places.

mercedes-clase-e-remote-parking-pilot-video-02-1440px Why has developed this technology? Motivation BMW and Mercedes-Benz is simple. 7 Series, and Class E, are two large sedans, with very generous doors and very focused on passenger comfort. Often it is necessary to park the car in a narrow parking space, or in garages with very limited dimensions, so that the operation of downstream and upstream of passengers is uncomfortable or even impossible. With this technology all passengers, including the driver, can get off the car before completing the parking maneuver.

Source: Mercedes-Benz
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