The future Mercedes A-Class sedan is hidden in this sculpture

Mercedes Clase A sedán

it Seems that Mercedes keeps an ace under the sleeve and that a new model could have a place in your range. We speak of a Mercedes A-Class sedan, a copy that would fill a step between the current CLA coupe and the Mercedes Class C. ‘Aesthetics’ is the name of the sculpture that reveals to us the ways of this four-door sedan. The mark of the star says that this curious representation will continue the design language of future compact.

The sculpture proposes a clean appearance and care, something that is achieved by reducing the number of lines. The new generation of vehicles from Mercedes will have a ribs very marked that goes all around the side and some elements that remind us of other models. The clearest example is his front grill of large dimensions and located in a low position. It is the same Pan with vertical slats of the AMG GT.

Mercedes Clase A sedán

If we continue along the side we found some marked wheel arches and a fall of the ceiling light that we draw the third volume. On the trunk lid we find a small spoiler that accentuates its dynamic character. Although it will still be a sculpture, these forms we could see them in the next A-Class, CLA (also the Shooting Brake), GLA, and even Class B. Also in some new additions.

there is Already talk that there might be a new SUV between the GLA and the GLC. This possible Mercedes GLB would have as main target the chinese market. Precisely the Mercedes A-Class sedan could also benefit from a version of battle extended to this country. These models use the second generation of the platform MFA and it is not expected that they arrive at least until next year 2018.

Mercedes Clase A sedán

Source – Mercedes

Mercedes A-Class (W176)
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