The future MINI JCW GP is getting closer to the barrier of the 300 HP


Recreation digital model that will arrive by the end of 2018

To some models from the market, it is difficult to understand who might need the MINI John Cooper Works GP, which in its last edition offered 218 HP. Your price 41.700 euros represent 10,000 more than a MINI John Cooper Works with 7 HP less, but with a dramatic difference between the chassis of the two models, because it was more oriented circuit that a road is conventional and it only had two front seats.

by Analyzing these differences, it can be said that John Cooper Works is a name analogous to BMW’s M, offering sportiness in pure state with a performance which is more than impressive, by the technology of its engine and the tuning of the chassis.

The current version of the MINI John Cooper Works offers 231 HP of power and mounted a block 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo source BMW. It is the model of the british brand’s most powerful until now, but in Munich are already preparing the new version of GP that will be the most rapid. The intention of BMW is to put a large swath of land before their rivals, without a competitor able to deal with it.


MINI John Cooper Works GP R53, latest edition, 2012.

And that is the future MINI John Cooper Works GP will jump more quantitative power, riding new four-cylinder engine 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo B48 that is already mounted in most models of the German mark, as in the BMW 740e iPerformance offers a power output of 258 HP. And is not the maximum that she can do this block, ensuring its reliability can reach up to 270 HP, an amount of power close to the barrier of 300 HP and knowing that the lower limit on power is set at 250 HP for this model.

And that’s just on power, because it will maintain the configuration of front-wheel-drive and two-seater, but the suspension system Coilover and all the associated electronics to be conveniently adjusted to digest with safety the entire power.

The first MINI to use carbon

But the significance in the increase of power will not be the only novelty. Will be the first model from the british brand that opens a new stage in the MINI and in its segment, since the future John Cooper Works GP will use aluminum, magnesium and carbon in-chassis and body for your weight is also reduced considerably.

If the previous model was already a missile, drawing the patterns for the northern circuit of Nürburgring in just 8 minutes and 23 seconds, this will be a rocket that could reduce a lot more times own of true supercars.


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