The future Nissan 370Z will remain a coupe, at least for now

Hiroshi Tamura, chief product Nismo has the responsibility, not to say obligation, to save the range Z of Nissan. Many brands are questioning the profitability of the sport, and the japanese brand is not an exception. This is why all the world is waiting for the next generation of 370Z continue to be that beacon shining in the darkness more sporty and accessible.


The Nissan 370Z represents the sportsmanship, most pure, the most accessible of the economic levels

recently we made ourselves a question: what if the Nissan Gripz becomes real? This SUV futuristic presented by Nissan at the last Frankfurt show, was proposed as the replacement for the Z, hence the last letter of the name. However, as stated Tamura, everything seems to indicate that it will not come to kill the 370Z, but to save it.

Both could share a lot of components, from the chassis, to the motors, passing by the usual elements of the interior. This would be a way more effective to save the disagreements in economic that be on the sports of access of Nissan. A solution that could appease everyone.

however this would involve a small loss of essence, so the 370Z should leave the V6 engine to make way for a four-cylinder turbo. a change Is necessary, and this would start the engine, this being a small and efficient. But this does not mean that you are going to lose features or performance.


The Gripz startled by its style and its concept

By the time little or nothing is known of how it will finally be the next Nissan 370Z, nor in dynamics, nor in terms of design. The only thing that we can deduce, thanks to the words of the lord Tamura is that the small sports away from the pillory, and that it will take to reach, at least two years. So you will need to take it with patience.