The future Nissan Leaf is hinted at with this teaser

Teaser del Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is the car electric most sold on the planet in all of history, having traded more than 260,000 units. Since six years ago, I came to the market and taking into account that the life cycle of most utilities does not exceed seven years, it is not surprising that the japanese firm is “pick and shovel” to bring us a successor.

a few minutes Ago have been released, by the own automobile company through a press note, a teaser image and a phrase: “The next chapter of the smart mobility zero emissions is about to be told”. Nissan let their intentions clear, that there are others that confirm the soon be launching a new Nissan Leaf. Do not have anything easy, because the results obtained by the current Leaf are enviable. In addition to its wide sales figure, between all of the units have already passed more than 3,000 million kilometres.

Prueba Nissan Leaf 30 kWh

If we take the hand of the library, we remind that not long ago the lord Tim Gallagher, director of electric vehicles of the company, stated that the second generation of urban electric would see the light in the month of September. It all begins to fit and probably choose the Frankfurt motor show to present in society. Nor can we rule out the Hall of Tokyo.

with Respect to the teaser image, we cannot extract conclusions but yes invites us to think about design. It looks a headlamp (or so it seems to us). If we look closely, the lines are very sharp, very strong, very dynamic. It seems that the japanese firm wants to make a change to its aesthetics, looking for some more aggressive forms. If you look, the new Nissan Micra has sought (and found) a few features with a higher character, aggressiveness, and sportsmanship; having happened something similar, though to a lesser extent with the recent restyling of the Qashqai.

We are left with a doubt, will keep the indexes of sales of its predecessor? We will be attentive to the developments of this Nissan Leaf.