The future of Aston Martin is electric: in 2017 come sporting in the struggle with the Tesla and up to 1,000 HP

All want their mark to be the new Tesla Motors. And that is something understandable. But what how can a manufacturer like Aston Martin to replicate the success of the Tesla Model S in their products? Andy Palmer, the boss of Aston Martin, is clear. The future of Aston Martin is electric, and could be translated in a sporty high-flying, that we will see in 2017, and that you will enjoy a power between 800 and 1000 HP. The future of Aston Martin is very connected to the electric sports, and even strange combinations of type crossover between a SUV and a great tourism, such as the Aston Martin DBX Concept that illustrates this article, and which was presented some months ago in Geneva.

In 2017, we could meet a new Aston Martin, and electrical with up to 1,000 HP.

In any case, Andy Palmer, who made these revelations last week in the summit, Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in London (Top Gear), believes that this is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg. Aston Martin will remain a manufacturer of large passenger cars, that you probably won’t understand it without an engine of twelve cylinders in a v, and will remain so.

Aston Martin is working on the possibility of launching several electric, which together with the Aston Martin DBX have already received green light for production, as a complement to other sports that will continue to be protected by an engine of twelve cylinders.


  • Aston Martin is also planning a crossover, a hybrid between gran turismo and SUV.

    The electricity will be provided to Aston Martin, some of the aspects most valued of their large passenger cars, engines with high power, lot of torque from the first instant and softness. Aston Martin sees coming a power in their ranks that the wager for the downsizing, for smaller engines of low displacement.

    Andy Palmer acknowledged that the big challenge will be in overcoming the range anxiety, to achieve enough autonomy to prevent that their owners suffer with dread to see how the autonomy of their batteries will be depleted without finding a charging point near you. Although Aston Martin still has not given figures of more specific autonomy, Palmer has made it clear that will solve this problem and that their cars, at least, presume to have greater access to charging points, the pioneers of the hydrogen, with models like the Toyota Mirai will begin to be marketed in Europe very soon.

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