The future of autonomous cars, according to Elon Musk

founder of Tesla is known for making statements is very striking on the progress of various technologies. What is certain, is that many times what he says becomes a reality, as may occur with the recently made on the future of autonomous cars within 20 years: “having a car is not autonomous it will be like having today a horse”.

The entrepreneur of south african origin, has already spoken on numerous occasions about this. First made a prediction about its introduction into the market: “almost all of the vehicles produced within ten years shall be self-governing,” something that not out of place with the efforts that they are doing their own company and others such as BMW with its iNext. After, according to forecast Musk, the time of the boom of the self-employed will be in 2032, in which all brands will manufacture their cars with this ability.

The date that many brands set to make its first foray into the world of the self-employed is 2021. BMW will launch its iNext, thanks to the progress along with Intel and Mobileye, Ford is working on what they call “Driving” Virtual for the Mondeo and Audi is doing the same with his set of technologies Audi AI.

The future of autonomous cars outside of the brand

But you have to remember, that outside of the conventional tags there are other companies that are taking giant steps as Waymo. This american company, a subsidiary of Google is doing a work that verges on science fiction. The systems installed in their cars rarely require human intervention, even in the most challenging situations.

of course, the legislation also has to adapt, that the statements of Elon Musk on the future of autonomous cars is met. This is the case of Germany, a country that could be the first to allow driving without hands on the steering wheel to be widespread, according to the chief saloon car major Audi, Peter Fromm.

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