The future of BMW: the new Series 9 and i6 electric sedan


The new BMW 9 Series will be the next flagship

BMW will continue to expand its range with vehicles spectacular. The signature bavarian exploit new markets and segments in which it has not yet placed some of their models, and that the current offer of the germans to provide for the full class of models with which satisfy the needs, tastes and requirements of almost any client.

New information tell us about a saloon new large size that will be positioned just above the impressive BMW 7-Series. This is the future flagship of the germans in the form of gran coupe four-door. Its size will be huge taking into account that will be based on the platform of the 7 Series of battle extended (5.238 mm long). But you will not try to cannibalize sales of the Rolls Royce Ghost as its position and category will continue to be lower.

His aspect will have a lot to do with the BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept. The new standard of BMW dictates that the body more passionate (Coupé, Cabrio / Coupé, four-door, Gran Coupe) would be part of the series pair, however, it seems that the germans do not want to give the name Series 8 to this saloon four doors so as to not create confusion, since the BMW 8 Series is an extinct sports high cot.


With the 9 Series, BMW will come to a level of luxury ever experienced in the mark prior to

Is expected to come out for sale in 2020 with a range of engines consisting of a variant hybrid plug-in engine six-cylinder petrol, a V8 Twin-Turbo and a version of a high performance engine V12 650 HP which could fill the range as a m960i or M9. In addition there is some possibility that the drive system 100% electric the Phantom also has a place in the supply of this saloon.

half of 2020 will also be presented a new member of the family BMW i, this time we do not speak of the BMW i5, but the BMW i6. A the vehicle 100% electric the size of the BMW 3 Series that will have various components manufactured specially for the more environmentally friendly BMW parts in carbon fiber. In its interior we can find a package of batteries lithium polymer of great capacity for autonomy will not be a problem.