The future of Mercedes pick-up will be global and manufactured in Nissan’s plant in Barcelona

For you did not know, Mercedes is planning to launch a new pick-up overall. A tool somewhere between leisure and work, and perhaps not as premium as to what we are accustomed Mercedes. We have just learned by Daimler and the Renault-Nissan Alliance to the next pick-up Mercedes, Renault and Nissan Alaskan NP300 Navara will be essentially the same car. Each brand will have the power to develop chassis, interior and exterior design, while respecting common architecture created by Nissan.

The pick-up from Mercedes will also be built in Argentina for the Latin American market.

Daimler swears that his pick-up will have the distinctive elements that separate the remaining Mercedes vehicles, but until we can not compare these three pick-up face to face we can not give a reliable verdict. The good news is that these three global machines will be produced in Spain . Specifically in the Zona Franca plant that Nissan has in Barcelona, ​​where it is already manufacturing the new Nissan Navara. In this way, the cooperation agreement between Daimler and the Renault-Nissan Alliance goes a step further.

renault-alaskan-21 Mercedes used Renault in the Class engines, the Mercedes cite a Kangoo with a different logo on the hood and Infiniti uses four-cylinder diesel engine of Mercedes origin , for example in the case of new Q30 . Nor forget that the Renault Twingo and Smart have been developed on the same basis. At the same time, in the official statement also they announced the construction of a plant in Mexico which will be manufactured both Mercedes Class A and Infiniti Q30 , anticipating its arrival on the other side of the pond.

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The new pick-up Mercedes-Benz will be built in Barcelona and will Nissan-Renault genes

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