The future of MotoGP is called 'Virtual Boarding'


After several appointments in changing conditions, the MotoGP race at Sachsenring rose again the hare about the possibility of sending radio messages to pilots, since in several concrete cases the boards were not effective to communicate the strategy of the change of bike. And even if a radio system similar to that of the Formula 1 does not fit into the plans of the championship, Dorna has been working in the ‘Virtual Boarding’, a system that might turn into the replacement of the slate and that will be tested during free practice of the Aragon GP with a view to its implementation in the 2017.

The ‘Virtual Boarding’ is based on the latest generation of transponders, a technology that is being used and that allows Race Direction to send certain messages to the ‘dashboards’ of the bikes in case of incidents on the track, flags or penalties. The idea is to give a step further in this system and that is the team that can send parallel between 20 and 25 different messages qeu be reflected on the screen of the bike. With a list of messages pre-defined, engineers from the pits could communicate with the pilot of one-way.

Dorna has been working in the software ‘Virtual Boarding’ during the last few months and will be in Aragon when this program is supplied between the teams with the aim of send some messages to test in the free and see if the system is to the liking of the pilots. The great advantage of the ‘Virtual Boarding’ is to be based on the same platform with the Race Direction send the messages sporting character, all of the information that the teams sent their drivers will pass through the control of Dorna, to be entirely feasible that these messages can be included in the graphics of the live broadcasts.