The future of Suzuki’s small, hybrid and 4 × 4 with you, the iK-2 and iM-4

Suzuki is a brand that we sometimes goes under the radar. Despite being very strong in Asian markets and presenting offers real quality to this side of the pond, they may need a little push in design and aggressiveness to conquer Europe. Or attack the key segments of Europe, trying to scratch occasional sale. And that is precisely what they have done in the Geneva: file a utility anticipating their new offensive in the lucrative segment B and small SUV with dimensions of Kei Car reminiscent of an urban version of the Jimny, updated to the current was so popular crossover.

Suzuki iK-2: a utility to Europe with a new turbocharged

Both vehicles are built on a new common, possibly modular and very flexible platform.

If Suzuki wants to tackle the European market more successfully you must immerse yourself in the segment B or the crossover segment. He has chosen the first track with Suzuki iK-2 Concept utilitarian hatchback with a modern look, which just highlights its modern grille and powerful look. The car boasts a new design philosophy called “Liquid Flow”, which appreciate some dynamic forms, an organic appearance with muscular wheel arches and a raised rear which partly resembles a crossover.

A new feature of this utility, which hit the streets in the coming year 2016 with a more conventional name – has anyone said Swift? – Is a new engine called 1.0 Boosterjet . Funny name employed by Suzuki to refer to a turbocharged engine, whose architecture and power are still unknown. The Suzuki iK-2 is built on a new platform, the same on which the built-4 iM. Possibly a modular architecture in this case has resulted in a vehicle of 4.02 meters long segment B.

Suzuki iM-4: a crossover sympathetic miniaturized hybrid propulsion

I would think that the Suzuki Jimny Century XXI will look like this in a few short years.

The Suzuki Jimny is still alive, and has been reincarnated in the sympathetic Suzuki iM-4 Concept . This is only a small crossover of 3.64 meters, which fits within the Japanese kei car philosophy . Just look at his appearance, makes you want to hug him and squeeze in our lounge. Its front is studded plastic that mimics an honeycomb, with optical 100% LED good floating above the ground, with three bands of different lighting. Are those same bands that replicate in the c-pillar shaped decorative ventilation intakes.

The rear is abruptly cut almost knife to maximize interior space of this small four-door. Although not a true AWD SUV features thanks to hybrid system which boasts. Composed of an electric drive and an engine 1.2 Dualjet – possibly referring to the two means of propulsion – the Suzuki Jimny of the city of the Century XXI promises to be very efficient. Now we see least overtones of mass production for the Ik-2. Perhaps Europe is not prepared for such a vehicle …

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