The future of Takata falters, Mazda doesn’t want to because their airbags


Honda, Mazda and other manufacturers to abandon Takata

These are surely some of the worst moments for Takata. The consequences of the famous case of the inflators of the airbags is defective, do not paint anything good for the vendor. A case that has been forced to call review more than 40 million vehicles affected in all the world, and that is directly related to at least eight dead in the united States, all in Honda vehicles.

parts for airbags accounted for 40% of global sales

Following the announcement of Honda, its main customer and more affected by the case, not to mount more devices in the squares in front and the fine of $ 70 million by the NHTSA, now joins the possible leakage of its customer portfolio by more vehicle manufacturers. The 40% of total sales Takata during the past year correspond to parts for airbags.

The president of Mazda, Akira Marumoto has declared that will not use more inflators of Takata containing ammonium nitrate as a gas, although by the time you leave the door open to the use of other inflators in the future while ensuring the security and good functioning of these.


Future models such as the upcoming Mazda CX-9 does not take this type of inflator of airbags

on the other hand Fuji Heavy Industries, owner of Subaru, has stated that is considering to stop using the type of inflators defective in its new models, but has not yet been raised to dispense with those who do not use ammonium nitrate. Subaru is looking to another provider to repair their vehicles hit because Takata is taking too long to provision. Mitsubishi is also thinking to abandon Takata.

Recall, to refresh the memory. The problem of these inflators is that in some way, still do not know the reason in particular, the inflators with gas of ammonium nitrate in its interior degrade with the time, as it seems, more easily in wet areas. This causes an increase of its strength, so that to be activated can throw shrapnel the occupants of the first row of seats.