The future of the air motor remains in the air

PSA presente su nueva tecnología Hybrid Air.During the last decade we have seen how hybrids have climbed positions in sales and have become the real alternative to solve our dependence on oil. In addition, little by little the vehicles driven by electricity are also taking positions and want to take away the place to the first. However other brands have investigated another type of hybridization based on alternative energies.

of these brands was the German Bosch together with the PSA Group (Peugeot-Citroën-DS). Both developed what they termed as Hybrid Air. This type of hybrid functioned by binding of a small propellant gasoline three-cylinder and a compressor hydraulic. By the union of both elements, the engineers of both brands were able to reduce the CO2 emissions of 69 grams per kilometer.

PSA presente su nueva tecnología Hybrid Addition, with this hybridization, the engineers not only managed to reduce CO2 emissions considerably, but that were able to that the engine could reach a performance of 95 percent. All this effort is materialized in several prototypes, among them the Citroën C3 Hybrid Air that you can see in the pictures. This model was able to confirm an average fuel consumption of only 2.9 litres per hundred kilometres along with the above-mentioned CO2 emissions.

however, this technology is in question, . the main reason is The economic. When Bosch and the PSA Group developed this technology, the group galo did not have the economic problems that made it fall into the hands of DongFeng and the French government has been, and now is not a priority for the brand. To finally arrive at good port would need an investment of around 500 million euros and by now there are no plans to make such an effort.

in Addition, this technology has a small drawback. As is the case with batteries of the electrical models the energy density that accumulate deposits of compressed air is decreasing with time, causing it to lose autonomy over time. The solution to the problem would be to incorporate storage tanks larger, but this will make the price of the system and reduce the habitability of the vehicle, so that it is more than likely that no further research in this field.

Source – the Spanish Association of Professionals of the Automotive sector (ASEPA)

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