The future of the car after the musical experiment of Audi and Carlos Jean

through the program Innovative Thinking launched by Audi to reach other areas just as involved with technology as the automotive sector, today we have witnessed in direct to the project “The Sound of Emotions” intended to generate a new way of creating music. Carlos Jean, along with Juan Zelada, are in charge of the technical aspect of music and this project, however, are the people flows like you and I who create this new melody perfect. And did you wonder what this all have to do with the car? Well, more than you think…


The car of the future will be able to know your mood and help you to improve it

If you have been attentive to the latest developments in the automotive sector in recent times, one of the facets on which most are focusing manufacturers is everything relationships with our health and our emotions at the wheel. It is a new field of research that aims to understand the driver in all his emotional states, in addition to be able to guarantee the safety of the driver and the rest of the users when health problems are treated.

And what this all have to do with the music? Carlos Jean explained to us how difficult it is to create a new melody that reaches around the world. Hundreds of hours immersed in a musical composition that in the end do not know very well if she will be able to reach your target audience and as he imagines. For this reason, has decided to give back to all of your formula of work and make use of advances in biometric sensors to read directly from their listeners which parts and chords of a song and be moved. In this way, Carlos Jean is composing a song that will contain only the moments that have most excited the participants who have been analysing each one of the visits that have been made by the Spanish geography from October 2014.


The system is fairly simple to the naked eye. To any person is placed on a glove with biometric sensors capable of detecting alterations in your state of mind, these readings are compared in real time with the live performance of Juan Zelada guitar in hand. After finishing the performance, Carlos Jean you select the time of the song that has most touched the hearts of that person and uses it to compose a song which will be composed of hundreds of fragments of different people, nationalities and ways of thinking.


With all of this, bet Audi helps us to understand what will be the future of the automobile in both the analysis of our mood. With this information the manufacturers expect to be able to intervene in situations of anxiety or stress to prevent our mood becomes a potential risk of accident. If your vehicle detects that we are not having a good day, automatically you can modify the music, the air conditioning or the settings of our seat, to achieve a higher degree of comfort that allow them to lower our alteration.

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