The future of the car connected is decided in Seville


last Thursday presented in Seville the first contest for entrepreneurs related to the cars connected. As was said in the presentation, the participants will be able to sign up until Sunday morning through the portal , and aspire to a prize of€ 3,000 for the winner as well as a funding of€30,000.

As a presenter of the event was responsible for Product Engineering and Validation of Renault, Sergio Díez, on which fell the task of describing to the attendees of the obstacles are meant to overcome thanks to the connectivity of cars.

His speech was based on the idea of reinventing travel in car and improve the driving experience for the driver which will interact with the vehicle through voice commands, gestures, eye movements, etc… To turn the vehicle will respond with useful information both to the driver and all occupants.


For a review of the concept, a car plugor is a vehicle able to take advantage of the internet of things , interact with everything that surrounds him, and to receive and process the information that is provided to you.

Bet on this technology in vehicles increase the safety at the wheel, will make cars more efficient and less polluting.

from 2018 new cars must carry necessarily a SIM card integrated, such as mobile phone handsets, to be able to perform emergency calls automatic in the case of an accident, better known as E-CALL.


event Attendees were able to test some cars connected

to accompany the presentation in Seville, were 4 cars connected provided by Renault Syrsa Automotion so that the attendees could test for themselves the possibilities of this technology.

The next Tuesday, September 27,, the teams participating in the challenge will be advised by expert engineers and present their ideas that will be discussed by a jury that will decide who will be the winner.