The future Porsche 911 flirts with a hybrid drive system


The future 911 will arrive in 2018

Though the brand has just presented its pampered 911 R, the work of developing the next generation does not cease, as we already saw late last year. Sometimes the spy photos allow us to see the technological advances of the future models thanks to details that can be seen in the prototypes spotted.

This mule of 911 has flared wheel arches

At other times the information comes to us through tracks from our contacts that allow us to give some exclusive, one of the latter in relation to the brand was its strategic plan in the short term.

On the first generation of the Porsche 911, that is to say, the version 2015 prior to start of the day, was used as the basis to develop a prototype hybrid of the 911 that, after many road tests are ruled out. That first hybrid system, which I wanted to respect the layout and weight distribution of the 911, does not fit in the cabin of the model.


The Porsche 911 hybrid is closer than ever

Now back to the load and are working the way we adapt and package, this time with the minor flaws possible, a hybrid drive system. The goal is to reduce emissions of CO2, since as Erhard Mössle, responsible for 911, pointed out in the past Hall of Frankfurt “we have to comply with the regulations of CO2 in 2020″.

The technology is very close to fulfilling the expectations of Porsche in which autonomy and recharge times are concerned, evidentemetne, its answer to Tesla will be the height.

A Porsche 911 to 100% electric is on the table

Currently, Porsche has a hybrid version of the Cayenne and the super hybrid 918 Spyder, but what is Porsche seriously considering a 911 100% electric? Our informants say yes.

The idea of creating a 911 on the same line as the Audi R8 e-tron, is on the table, however this model has not yet guaranteed its production because there are many variables in play. It would be a model expensive, and the mark is still not clear if you recover the investment that would have to do to give the output to that model.


The evolution of your design will be step-by-step

The future Porsche 911 will be built on a modified version of the modular platform MMB and, as expected, your update style will be very subtle. We’ll have to wait until the end of the year to learn more data which could be the green version of the most famous sports in the history of the car.