The future Volkswagen Golf will feature a new hybrid system

Volkswagen has a hard job ahead of them, and that is no other than regaining the trust of both their customers and the panorama automotive world. Part of that job is to acknowledge the faults committed and to develop efficient technologies for the future. Once more the Volkswagen Golf will play a vital role for the company.


The technology GTE will evolve to become more efficient

The next generation of this icon of four wheels, the octave that will see the light, is already in the tables of design and development of the German engineers. Many new features will be included in the Golf Mk8. Not only in topics of on-board technologies or design, but also in all aspects of the section mechanic.

The Volkswagen Group is evolving its MQB platform. The new modular structure will allow to include mechanical that until now were unthinkable, such as hybrids. Volkswagen already has a range of ecological called GTE. The Volkswagen Golf and the Passat are their only representatives, and soon they will be an improvement of your systems.

The Golf 2017 shall be the first to make it official. This 48-volt system would have a target of consumption of 60 miles to the gallon, or what is the same, less than four litres on a real driving, out of the current cycles of approval that both deceive, and that have been shown to be of no use.

unlike current hybrids, which employ an electric motor complete, the new computer would be a help to the internal combustion engine, surely a block three-cylinder petrol and a litre of displacement, at times of maximum demand, such as acceleration. In addition it will also allow load energy recovery, which subsequently would be used to supply other electrical systems in the car.


The range of plug-in hybrids from Volkswagen will continue to grow

The actual application of this technology will not only a decline in the numbers of real consumption, but also a improvement in the performance and in the emission figures. It is early to predict as will definitely these units. The project and development are on the table, shortly we should start to see the first mules of tests of Golf 2017 roll down the roads.