The FX Daihatsu Concept debuted at the Indonesian


The FX Daihatsu Concept was one of the developments that led to the Japanese Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show. It has 1.2-liter engine and rear wheel drive.


Daihatsu FX Concept S i Daihatsu still exists and is more alive than ever in Asia. Within the framework of Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show , the Japanese brand presented two prototypes and one of them is this prototype that called FX, which advances strokes future compact SUV which according to the manufacturer is strong enough to cope with the conditions of off-road driving.

Although the conceptual work has gaps typical of a prototype licenses as doors opening the suicidal type, or some details like headlights and mirrors too elaborate format, in general terms it can be seen that this is a product seems ready to enter production .

Like the Terios, the FX has rear wheel drive.

Its dimensions reveal that it is an SUV for the segment B , with its 3.8 meters long, 1.69 wide, 1.58 meters high and a wheelbase which reaches 2.45 meters. For its size arguably it is situated just about halfway between products of this type within the segment A, as could be the still unpublished Renault Kwid and the B segment as the Ford EcoSport.

Aesthetically conceptual work is presented with a modern look, but maybe I can not hide that bears some similarity to the Hyundai Crete. Stand LED headlamps, a thin grille and chrome plated front grille. The bumper has large air inlets accommodate the LED daytime running lights , while in the rear bumper incorporates sector somewhat exaggerated the four outputs of the leaks.

The interior meanwhile, is presented on a futuristic look with an instrument panel consists of two screens arranged vertically and a third screen that accommodates the system of information and entertainment, located latter in the central panel.

Under the hood of FX Daihatsu Concept , an engine block 1.2-liter 4-cylinder is located and rear wheel drive .



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