The game of cat and mouse from Toyota Gazoo Racing


The return of Toyota to the WRC is not elapsed by the channels expected. The internal crisis in the team, led by Tommi Mäkinen with the output end of Michael Zotos and the theoretical problems of reliability of the Toyota Yaris WRC have been the last two episodes negatives of a project which encountered the problem where he sought virtue, in Finland. Where Mäkinen saw an opportunity to create a solid team and away from prying eyes today, we find a project that is little more than is in ‘war’ with the means Finnish to understand that we are counting things that are not true.

In this aspect, and in the absence of a department of the press, something unexplainable when a manufacturer like Toyota, has been the Tommi Mäkinen who has come out to deny some of the published data in the media in finland. In this way, the pattern of Toyota Gazoo Racing has wanted to clarify that Michael Zotos has not abandoned the project by the problems of reliability of the Toyota Yaris WRC, nor by possible disagreements with his person. As he explains, Zotos left the team to spend more time at home, something that you should not think a few months ago when he joined the project.

The end, in this game of cat and mouse where the media finns have the opposite of Tommi Mäkinen, the reality is that the team does not finish doing it. Even being false to the reliability issues stated above, the third Yaris WRC in danger and no great rider has been coaxed by the project Mäkinen and Toyota. Just Jarko Nikkara and Juho Hänninen have been put at the controls of the Yaris WRC in anticipation of a signing star -increasingly complicated-and the weight majority of the test in your own Tommi Mäkinen, something that for many is not a good symptom.