The game of cocktail Rolls-Royce is as expensive as two Ford Fiesta ST

Definitely, the customer of brands like Bentley and Rolls-Royce is made of a different paste than the common of mortals. I guess to be rich is also an attitude, which is contrary to the attitude of the “poor” that we have others. An attitude that allows you to justify the decision to spend 40,000 euros on a game portable cocktail bar. Rolls-Royce honors the cocktail hour with this gaming laptop, whose production is artisanal and takes about eight weeks of manual work. Or you can buy two Ford Fiesta ST.

A blue light emanates from the interior of the set of cocktail, simulating a cocktail bar at actual size.

The designer of this game cocktail is Sina Maria Eggl, the responsible of the accessories for the cars Rolls-Royce are so refined and elegant, has collaborated with the hotels Dorchester Collection in London to conceive it. Is constructed in american walnut, lined in the same leather in different tones that are upholstered the seats of the car and configured on a structure view of highly polished aluminum. Open, reveal a multitude of compartments and accessories of high quality.

The packaging of this set of cocktail is very intelligent, and the most elegant. The shaker is at the top of the basket, and the lid will accumulate the accessories, held in place by bands of leather and a magnet that is hidden, which prevents them from moving a single millimeter. cocktail Glasses with the edge of platinum and two dishes for food accompaniment also find their place in this basket of luxury, in addition to napkins of cotton and space for a recipe book of cocktails. The fitting final to a picnic of a true elite, of which only 15 units will be built by Rolls-Royce.

Although I would stick with two Ford Fiesta ST.

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