The gas pump unattended will only be able to operate at night in Valencia


Photo: Daniel Lobo (Flickr) CC BY

puts an end to the phenomenon of proliferation of gas stations without personnel, at least during daytime hours. The Statute of Consumers and Users of the Comunitat Valenciana incorporates a reform that is obliged to have at least one operator during the day to cater to the customers.

The gas pump unattended work with the self-service model, and the payment is made with cards. The Consell de la Comunitat Valenciana has not wanted to force you to hire also to an operator in the overnight hours so as not to put itself in a bind to small farms.

In an economy increasingly obsessed with the low cost, some business owners have seen the light: you gain less with each litre, but reduce cost even more, starting with the staff. The budget item devoted to salaries is one of the most high that faces a service station.

After the conversion of the employees of the service stations and to activities typical of staff from the supermarket, the next step has been to remove the staff. We can not say that these companies do not give any employment, as it follows by a lack of personnel for the maintenance of the facilities once in a while.