The Genesis G90 is left to see the naked, and so is the S-Class Korean!

few weeks Ago, Hyundai announced the creation of a new luxury brand, called Genesis. Joins the trend started by Toyota with Lexus at the end of the years 80, followed by Nissan and Honda, with their respective Infiniti and Acura. The first car of the new Genesis is simply called G90, and will be a great luxury saloon, which we have already seen in several sketches. Is the replacement of the Hyundai Equus, sold under the brand name Genesis. The “S-Class” coreanao has already been spied in Europe, without a shred of camouflage.

The brand Genesis will be launched globally in a few months, and their key markets are the united States and the Middle East.

The car is actually very similar to the one that you showed us in a few sketches. Follow the strokes of style marked by Hyundai the new Genesis, which by the way we have already been able to try a few months ago. Your calender is very characteristic, and will be his main mark of identity. We do not have photos of your rear, but yes we can appreciate perfectly the side profile of the car, with a fall-back curved which is a breath of fresh air in a segment too accustomed to the straight lines, and too German.


Will be difficult to fight with the best of Germany – Mercedes has a powerful offering in the S-Class and BMW just renew the Series 7 with an arsenal of technology like no other – but at least we know we will have a range of engines complete. The access engine will be a 3.8 V6’s maximum torque with 334 HP, followed by a 3.3 V6 GTDi turbo with 370 HP and a great 5.0 V8 425 HP as top of range. Not to dismiss powertrains hybrid, but it does rule out options turbo in the range. Soon we will have more official data.

Source: autoevolution
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