The Genesis G90 Long discovered: luxury Korean and extra space in the cabin


The sedan Genesis G90 battle extended has been hunted in these spy photos

Genesis has brought to ride a G90 no camouflage whatsoever. Do you notice something strange? True, this vehicle is clearly longer than usual. And it turns out that the Hyundai Group has decided to roll the G90 battle extended without any type of vinyl of strange drawings attached to the outside to try to pass unnoticed as if it was a conventional model in question. Of course that didn’t get it.

So it is the sedan Genesis G90 battle extended

, The saloon appears stretched thanks to a increased distance between axles that provides a more spacious interior for the squares later. The asian markets are very important for the versions of the battle out because the executives of these regions just love this type of bodywork. The Genesis G90, EQ900 in the local market, measures 5.2 metres long so we can expect that the version limousine get to the to 5.5 metres approximately.

The rear doors have a long extraordinary as you can see in the photos. The space intended for the legs will be very generous and possibly be used to improve the inner comfort as for example installing bucket seats more comfortable fitted function massage.


profile clearly shows that the Genesis G90 has greatly increased its length

Genesis will put the things very difficult to the larger sedans German, the BMW 7 Series, Audi A8 and Mercedes S-Class, on their versions of long battle. In asia, the Korean manufacturer enjoys better reception than in the rest of markets, and to this we add that it will compete with a price of output significantly lower to that of their rivals.

In regards to your propulsion will be the same offer that the sedan: a couple of blocks V6, 3.8-liter GDI 330 HP and 3.3 Twin-Turbo 365 HP, and the powerful engine V8 5.0 liter 420 HP filling in the range, all of them associated to a automatic transmission of eight relations and versions of traction to the four wheels.