The Gigafactoría of Tesla Motors, is ready to be inaugurated on the 29th of July

Tesla Motors - Gigafactoría

So it will be the Gigafactoría of Tesla Motors once it is finished.

If the information that are circulating on the network are correct, because we would have the filing date of the expected Gigafactoría of Tesla Motors. A production plant that so much attention has been focusing in recent times and that, probably, already would be ready for his debut. In particular, the date of opening of the Gigafactoría of Tesla would be the imminent July 29,.

The date would have made known to us through an e-mail sent out by Tesla Motors the winners of the tickets to attend the event of presentation of the Gigafactoría. However, this information contrasts a lot with the one published by our fellow Bloomberg at the beginning of this month of may and in the that ensured that the facilities have hardly completed at 14%.

Located on the outskirts of the town of Sparks, Nevada, (united States), the Gigafactoría Tesla Motors has an estimated cost of 4.5 trillion euros. But, what will be manufactured in this plant? In particular, the Gigafactoría of Tesla Motors will be in charge of produce batteries used by the various models of the brand. It is expected that their production will be able to cope with the growing demand for the latest launches of the company. The Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model X.

To take to good port this project, Tesla Motors has collaborated with Panasonic to reduce production costs of batteries in a 33%. As we say, the fact of being able to manufacture batteries economic is a key point for the company Elon Musk in a short period of time. In the long run, the manufacturer of electric cars aims to sell 500,000 units per year of face-to 2018. Two years earlier than initially planned since the success of the Model 3 have made Tesla modify their forecasts.

once the premises of the Gigafactoría of Tesla are at full capacity, it will double its current capacity of production. Another strong point of these facilities is that, as well said own Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, is that will be powered exclusively by renewable energy and it will be what is known as a building of “zero energy” because it will consume the same energy facilities renewable will.