The glorious past of AMG is a Mercedes 560 SEC of 385 HP, absolute monarch of the Autobahn

the year was 1989, and it is certain that the platform W126 Mercedes-Benz neared the end of its commercial life. Released 10 years before, gave place to several luxury cars. The luxurious coupes with box W126 had in the 560 SEC to its top of the range. AMG was not yet a trainer-owned Mercedes at that time, and although specializing exclusively in vehicles of Stuttgart, had no official status today. It is for this reason that these AMG unofficial – like this 560 SEC – they are so valuable today.

Until the beginning of the 90’s Mercedes bought the rights and capabilities produced of AMG.

Although they are most well-known projects on the Mercedes with box W126 – as the famous Hammer – this 560 SEC 6.0 AMG is possibly one of the most exclusive ever produced in Affalterbach. The engine is 5.6 V8 fuel injection and cylinder head multiválvulas the 560 SEC received a displacement of 6 liters, and various touch-ups on intake, exhaust and internal components. butts AMG are the biggest change on the engine original, managing to develop a torque, a lot more forceful, a regime which is much lower than the 5.6 V8.

This 6.0 V8 developing 385 HP of power, almost 100 HP more on the power of origin of the source engine, but with a power delivery that much more bestial. A terror of the Autobahn. Of course, the car has not lost its character GT thanks to that withheld its automatic change of five relations, silky and soft as he just said, but faster than in source. The preparation of AMG do not end up in the engine, both the interior and exterior were remodeled according to the excessive canons of style of the time.

Although the engine was “only” 86 HP more powerful than the 560 SEC, its power delivery was much more radical.

Wheels not very large, 16 inches, and deep throat. A body kit very eighties which widened the wheel arches considerably. A bumper that risk of getting something tacky today, preserved all the authenticity of the time. Two tails of escape, discrete for a car that was able to surpass the 270 km/h without major problems. In its interior, a sports steering wheel with four spokes – without airbag – was one of the few changes, not to mention the floor mats, or new instrumentation.

Mercedes 560 SEC 6.0 AMG today is a car very exclusive. They planned an initial run of 100 units, but it is believed that less than 50 were built. This is the unit number 28, which was sold to a japanese wealthy, who recorded it and use in Japan for about 90,000 kilometres. On a Mercedes of that era, simply just finished his shoot, he has a whole life ahead of you. The car auction in Arizona by RM Sotheby’s, and is expected to reach a final price of around $ 200,000.

Source: RM Sotheby’s
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