The golden era of the DTM: the best video you’ll see today

My fellow motor Competition would usually have this issue, but it is a video with a special meaning for me. A simple tribute to the best years of DTM, the late 80’s and early 90’s. A golden season in which the Mercedes 190 and the BMW M3 competed in a fierce war to dominate a category that he picked up part of the emotional charge of the Group B and the led circuits like the Nordschleife. A video with an edition and a mounting wonderful, to the rhythm of a song by the German group BAP.

In any way, the starting gun that encouraged me to start writing about cars, makes it almost 8 years. And since then, I’ve not stopped for a single moment. A video exciting and simple at the same time, it evokes better times, more simple and pure. There is No noise from engines, and for once, it’s not necessary.

enjoy it. And if you want to know more, visit this link where my fellow motor Competition have gathered a lot of the best videos of competition ever seen.