The Goodwood Revival could only be better with oil stains on the track


The races are part of the charm of the Goodwood Revival.

This weekend is taking place the festival Goodwood Revival at the circuit of Goodwood, one of the events with the most flavor of all the great calendar of events related to the world of the motor classic. This edition 2016 pays several homages and tributes, as is the case of the famous pilot and builder australian Jack Brabham, the only one to win a Great Prize of Formula 1 driving a vehicle that carries your name, event and compliance with 50 years precisely now, when Sir John Arthur Brabham crossed the finish line in first place in the Grand Prix of France of 1966.

In the first of the videos we can see how the organisation of the Goodwood Revival have managed to gather this year up to 31 vehicles, related with Jack Brabham on the british circuit, forming a parade not only of tremendous historical value, but economic, since there are many zeros that come together in this video footage.

Various scheduled events to enliven and enrich the environment, that throughout the weekend he moved in time to a period prior to 1966, even their own spectators, who can also participate in the various awards costume in the event.

One of the appointments of the program of the weekend is the auction of Bonhams, who had this year as a star, exemplary, impeccable, and without restoring the Porsche 550 RS Spyder, which could the all-time record for the model to reach the 4.6 million pounds, 5.43 million euros, exceeding the 5.35 million that was paid by the copy of Jerry Seinfeld this year. Next to this is sold not a few of sports and historical vehicles, as in all appointments scheduled for this british house of auctions.

throughout the weekend meet at Goodwood and its surroundings, hundreds of participants and clubs with their sporting classics from many eras and types. But there’s only one thing better than being able to see these true gems of the past, and is to be able to see them run and compete really in the circuit, just as they did in his time, that was for what they were created.

But if you see them in circuit can be enlightening, it could not be more spectacular if you add a bit of oil on the track, and as you can see in the video below, where we see models that are as rare and expensive as the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight, AC Cobra, Aston Martin DB4 or a Ferrari 250 LM while the have to do with the slippery asphalt of the british circuit.

If you view drifting a racing car or running off the grass can be eye-catching, when we know that there are parts of hundreds of thousands or even millions of euros, extremely difficult and expensive to repair, it can be even dramatic. Fortunately, the skill of the pilots prevented greater evils.