The GP of Bahrain returns us to the old system of classification

Rueda de prensa jefes de equipo 2016 absurd and ridiculous system of classification that have been imposed for this season had criticism and doubt before seeing it in motion, it is attempted to defer to the european season, specifically, it was intended to make him debut in the GP of Spain claiming that the software was not even ready. Finally decided to start using it from the first race of the season, and the new classification system has been a failure.

Toto Wolff said it was a “trash, while Bernie Ecclestone was more explicit and said directly that it was a “shit“. The idea was to create this system of elimination each time to force everyone to roll without a break, thus generating more traffic and show up on the track. However, the new system is chaotic and far from improving, the show has reduced it, hurting the small teams, forcing them to use all of the tires without leaving new games for race, leaving the luxury only to the fastest.

Mercedes en el GP de Australia 2016Just after the qualifying of the Saturday, the teams met with Bernie Ecclestone to remove this new system of classification after the huge discontent of all. A single session has been enough for all, unanimously, to repent of this format, and they decide to put an end to it. Therefore, for the next GP in Bahrain that will take place within two weeks, again we have the old system of classification.

Christian Horner explained after the meeting with Ecclestone that “For once the opinion of all was unanimous“. Horner said to Sky Sports that what we saw on Saturday was not good for Formula 1 and that it has been decided to return to the previous system for the next race. Even though it is not all done, because the proposal must pass the filter of the Strategy Group and the World Commission of the FIA to make it official. However, this is expected to happen as well…