The GP of Macau launches new format is less compact


The GP of Macau is one of the most special of the season and as such, are becoming more and more the categories that they want to be part of the same. SuperBike, F3, WTCC, FIA GT World Cup and several competitions local get together in the Circuit da Guia, compressing the schedules to the maximum, something not advisable on a track that crashes against the barriers are common. In recent years, the dispute of all the races has been compromised by the delays in the schedules which tend to accumulate at the time of check out the cars that crashed or fix the defenses.

For this reason, the GP of Macau which takes place between days 16 and 19 of November of 2017 will have a new format which aims to generate more space between the categories and ensure the normal dispute of each race. The main change in this aspect is that the WTCC will have four days of competitive. For the first time since 2005, the World’s passenger Cars will split their races over two days since the first race will be held Saturday afternoon and the second race on Sunday morning. This movement allows the FIA GT World Cup have more space.

With the separation of the two races of the WTCC, and the dispute of one of them in the day of Saturday, the FIA GT World Cup will have a slot of 75 minutes of time for his celebration on Sunday morning, a greater margin of time to prevent a final precipitate under a red flag as it was given in 2016. The local promoter expected so the GT3 can compete for the full race, and more now that there will only be professional pilots (Platinum and Gold). The start time of the GP of Formula 3 is kept unmoved at 15:30 hours local.