The GP2 Series accepts the challenge to be transformed into the new category FIA Formula 2


GP2-Series-Facu-regalia-Monaco-2014 E he former director of the manages sportiva Ferrari Stefano Domenicali now has a position in the FIA ​​in the who serves as president of the commission of cars of that institution.

Domenicali said earlier this month that the FIA ​​has the intention to create a new category called Formula 2 and during the next two months will have a preliminary outline of how would implemented.

In this context, Bruno Michel current top leader of the GP2 Series let you open the possibility that this category is now 10 years old transformed into the new category Formula 2 FIA, but it all depends on what you are looking for Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile .

The GP2 Series could become the new Formula 2 FIA plans.

In recent statements to Autosport, Michel assure you that the idea could make sense, although he was cautious about what will be the policy and the way in which the new category will work.

However believed if plans are aligned with the FIA ​​GP2 desire to keep costs down, the project could move forward .

Formula 2 was founded in 1948 as a category of cars that fell below Formula 1 seasons occurred continuously between 1967 and 1985 , when the FIA ​​decided change the name to Formula 3000 , a category that survived until 2004.

In mid-2008 after an absence of 25 years , the FIA ​​announced the return of Formula 2 for 2009 season but only managed to stay alive until 2012, partly because GP2 and World Series by Renault were contributing the maximum flow of young drivers in Formula 1.

But this year, after Max Verstappen will be transformed into Formula 1 driver at 16 years of age FIA announced plans to reform the system of Super Licence with a rationalization of criteria to obtain it. In this context it was announced that would be present Formula 2 as a prelude to the highest category .


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