The GPDA claimed a master plan for the Formula 1


In the last few months, the Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA), the association of pilots of Formula 1, they had kept silent publicly before the changes the sport has experienced a technical level, sporty and regulations, as well as those that are intended to be performed on the basis of 2017. Little was known of them from the famous survey to consult with the fans his vision for the sport. Today have made a step to the front, manifesting itself through an open letter signed by Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel and Alex Wurz, “on behalf of the riders for Grand Prix”, and directed “to the shareholders of the Formula 1, followers and fans”.

In the release, it is recognized that “Formula 1 is being challenged by a difficult economic scenario at the global level, a quick change in the behavior of the fans and consumers, and a decisive change in the landscape of television and the media. Therefore, it is essential that the leaders of the sport make adjustments to intelligent and well-considered“.

His position with regard to the new regulations is evident from the beginning: “we Feel that some recent changes of regulations – both sporting and technical, and including some directions of business- are disruptive, do not address the major problems facing our sport and, in some cases, could jeopardize its future success“.


The conclusion reached by the GPDA is blunt: you are not taking the right decisions. The decision-making process in the sport is outdated and poorly structured, and prevents progress. In fact, it can lead sometimes to the opposite situation, a lock. This has a negative influence on our sport, prevent you from be suitable for the next generation of fans and promises a greater global growth.

“We would like to ask and urge the owners and shareholders of the Formula 1 which they consider to restructure their own governance. future directions and decisions of the Formula 1 must be based on a master plan. This plan should reflect the principles and core values of Formula 1 (…) a sport, a competition contested between the best drivers on machines extraordinary in the circuits more cool”.

This positioning of the pilots comes at a key time of the year, in which the Formula 1 and its teams cavilan and finalize changes that are intended to return a greater spectacle to the sport in 2017. Recently asked by the classification system by elimination brazilian Felipe Massa complained about the lack of voice and vote of the pilots (“you Never listen to us”, “you don’t care about pilots”, “in the meetings, the pilots paint the less”), and they wanted to make it clear that they have a lot of say in the direction of Formula 1. Who will listen to them, of course, is another story.

The Grand Prix Drivers would like to make the following statement. #RacingUnited

— Grand Prix Drivers (@GPDA_) 23″ >… march 2016