The Graduate desmelena: the Alfaholics Spider-R-007 as close to perfection

If you have not seen The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman, you are taking a long time to “go to the video store”. The film of the 60’s has as co-star to a beautiful Alfa Romeo Spider, and thanks to her, he rose to fame automotive. Years after its manufacture ceased, it was founded in the Uk a company called Alfaholics. A specialized workshop on preparations and restomods that make these Alpha classics into killing machines supercars. Alfaholics Spider-R 007 as close to perfection automotive.

Mencionale Alfaholics to any Alfisti and see what his reaction is of admiration and deep respect.

it All started with a Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 Veloce. A drive means to restore the base was to create a Spider designed for intensive use in circuit. Although the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA tend to be a more adequate basis, many owners of Spider are regulars at trackdays. The work started in the chassis, which was reinforced with new welds. Also installed reinforcing bars in the bottom of the chassis. After being repainted in a color of the Alfa Romeo 147 began the magic of Alfaholics. A magic in which less is more.

alfa-romeo-r-spider-alfaholics-3Several pieces of the body were created from scratch, such as the classic calender of the biscione, machined in aircraft-grade aluminum from 3D CAD files. has been deleted the rear bumper of the car and you will have installed the same alloy wheels, ultra-light and 17 inch of the Alfaholics GTA-R 290. The headlights are coated with a plastic cover, one of the more crucial of any restoration of the Alfa Romeo Spider. The interior has been built virtually from scratch.

This particular unit is for sale. And ask for more than 80,000 pounds for it. It costs more than a Porsche 911.

you have installed two bacquéts leather-trimmed wheel dressing, and wheel Momo comes from the competition. The car was delivered to the customer with the instrumentation analogue of the Spider, but soon decided to replace it with a box completely digital, much more racing. Also left to one side the manual gearbox in the roadster, opting at the last modification was commissioned by the owner for a gearbox is a sequential six relationships, developed by Alfaholics and more effective in the circuit.

alfa-romeo-r-spider-alfaholics-5The suspension is built with the circuit in mind, has filled aluminium shock absorbers and is the owner of Alfaholics, as well as the braking equipment, with ventilated discs front are embraced by six-piston calipers. It is a performance machine very seriously, moved by a naturally aspirated engine of four cylinders. The engine is Twin Spark – presumably a 2.0-liter from an Alfa Romeo 75 – developed nothing less than 216 HP between 6.800 rpm and 7.300 rpm, always running with 98 octane petrol.

Your weight round the ton, thanks to the extreme diet slimming to that which has been subjected to this convertible.

Has a fuel tank seal installed in the trunk. The engine is powered by two carburetors Weber 45 mm, which has been given an admission almost direct. In addition, an ECU specially designed for Alfaholics regulates everything related to the ignition of the mixture of air and fuel. The Alfaholics Spider-R-007 has been used in a circuit since it was delivered to its owner. And the greater part of their 12,000 miles current have been covered in circuit. It is not a queen of the garage, definitely.

alfa-romeo-r-spider-alfaholics-8In my garage ideal would be a Alfa Romeo created by Alfaholics, without a doubt.

Source: Alfaholics
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