The Grand Prix of China renews his contract until 2020


Since its debut in 2004, China has remained in the calendar of the Formula 1, becoming an important event to promote the category in the asian continent. The last contract signed with Bernie Ecclestone marked the end of this year, and Liberty Media initiated conversations with the managers of the international circuit of Shanghai to renew it.

Finally, Liberty Media has announced the extension of said contract for three more years, ensuring the presence of China in the Formula 1 until at least 2020. It has also confirmed the change of date was initially planned for next year. China passes the April 15 and Bahrain picks up the date from April 8, alternating so both of their positions on the calendar, which must be approved by the World Council of the Motor.

Chase Carey, President of the Formula 1, it has been shown “very pleased to have reached an agreement to continue with the Grand Prix of China for at least three more years”, further noting that China “it is a great country that has already shown an overwhelming interest in our competition, we believe that there is still a great untapped potential in that sense”.

For his part, Jiang Lan, Ceo of Shanghai Juss Sports Depelopment, who manages the event in conjunction with the circuit, has commented that “the Chinese Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious and recognized events in the calendar”, stating subsequently that will “supporting and applying all efforts and resources on promoting and growing the Formula 1 and their popularity”.