The Grand Tour becomes on the show with more illegal downloads

The Grand Tour estreno

The Grand Tour was released less than a month ago and since then has raised much expectation. The new series of the trio formed by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May for Amazon Prime is still a success. Now we know that it has become the program with the highest number of illegal downloads. So what has revealed the Daily Mail, taking the data of MUSO, a company anti-piracy.

apparently the first episode of the Grand Tour has been downloaded 7.9 million times since its launch last November 18. The second chapter builds up 6.4 million downloads, and the third has already 4.6 million. Still is unknown and the figures of the fourth episode, that has been the last to leave. United kingdom is the country where more you download this program, because , 13.7% of the downloads come from there.

The Grand Tour

talk about illegal downloads you may be assuming to Amazon to stop enter about 3.2 million pounds only in the United Kingdom. According to MUSO, these data “are off the scale in terms of volume. Has overtaken all the great shows, including Game of Thrones“. In part it is something understandable, since in the Amazon Video is not yet available in a number of countries.

To Spain it seems that will arrive this month with an offer that wants to compete with Netflix or HBO. We’ll see if when you get to around the world the number of illegal downloads is reduced or maintained. In terms of the hearing officers of The Grand Tour, Amazon still has not wanted to speak. What is clear is that the new program of the trio skull is breaking the records and by calling the attention of the followers

Source – Daily Mail