The Grand Tour has already begun to be rolled and these are the first images

The Grand Tour Sudáfricaeveryone knows the wrong time by the passing the popular television program Top Gear. Soon will have one more reason to worry, because The Grand Tour comes stomping and will premiere this fall. The new program Amazon Prime account with the trio of presenters who became popular thanks to the BBC and which is formed by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

The main novelty is that GT (short for Grand Tour) would not have a set fixed, but each program would be made in a site different. The first stop took place in Johannesburg (south Africa) and the three presenters we did know during the day of yesterday through their social networks. In the images we can see the large tent where they filmed the first installment.

The Grand Tour Sudáfricawe can Also look with some envy to the tens of people who attended as an audience to the first show. We are surprised that these heights is not filtering anything, or what they spoke or the cars they drove. This makes think that one of the conditions to go public was a strict confidentiality agreement. In this way the people will have preferred not to do spoilers for fear of retaliation legal.

In any case, Johannesburg has only been the first stop of The Grand Tour. In total roll 36 episodes divided into three seasons of 12 each. Other places you will pass Clarkson and company will be united States, United Kingdom or Germany. We will have to wait still about three months to see as it starts the first season, but the truth is that promises to.

The Grand Tour SudáfricaSource – The Grand Tour