The Grand Tour seeks to pilot: have loaded two Renault RS and lost a M4 CS (video)

After the huge success of the first season of The Grand Tour, the second delivery is already just around the corner and the famous trio of presenters of the program already go making your own. It seems that, ironically, Clarkson, May and Hammond are looking for a new partner for a few scenes more “demanding”. What is a search? It seems that not too well, because in the past days, they have lost two Renault RS and I have stolen a BMW M4 CS.

In a first video, “put to test” the very Mark Webber in a speed track with a Porsche and a Mercedes high-performance. For reasons unknown to us (note the irony), the ex-pilot F1 was not able to drive so fast with the Mercedes and the Porsche; do you have something to do with the fact of being a pilot for Porsche? In The Grand Tour are now looking for a “stunt driver”, and the tests have finished a somewhat painful. If you don’t believe it, dale play in these short videos that we leave then.

In a first time, took a Renault Clio RS third generation to perform the test, a test that would never end successfully. The pilot “wrong”, it takes a ramp and perform a spectacular flight with the utility of 200 HP; but instead of ending like in the movies, before touching ground, crashing through a toll booth… Similar was the fate that befell the Mégane RS, also of the third generation. Both sports, that most would like to have in our garage, just totally wrecked.

But that is not all. A recent video uploaded to the Youtube channel of the program shows as a new candidate is put at the controls of a brand-new BMW M4 CS. His driving is a little badass, burning tyres from the start line, as if it were a driver desperate trying to flee a robbery… and that is that this pilot was more interested in subtracting the vehicle to be driver program specialist.

Many laughs await us in the coming months. This has only been an advance. The march will begin really the 8 December, a date to be advertised in these video teasers of The Grand Tour that accompany our publication. In just 10 days will start the real fun.

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