“The Grand Tour”, the official name of the new show, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond on Amazon Prime


“The Grand Tour” is the final name of the new program on the motor that will be starred by the former presenters of Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will be responsible for carrying forward the new show for Amazon Prime rivalizará directly with the revamped template of his previous TV program of the BBC.


¿why “The Grand Tour”? The eccentric Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that each episode of the program will be filmed in a different country with a tent, as if it were a grand tour around the world. The three presenters previously launched an appeal to social networks for helping them to find a new name for your program.

which means that it is a program format different than the Top Gear as it is intuited that there was a television set, but all the sequences will be engraved on the outside or in the foreign inside a tent of large dimensions.

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Clarkson has carryoff something more: the program will feature 12 episodes, we assume that per season, of which one of them will be the christmas special. The format will be different but the humorous, and some thug, that has always characterized them, will continue to accompany.

incidentally, Clarkson has realized that the abbreviation of “The Grand Tour” is GT, the same letters but just the opposite of the abbreviation of “Top Gear”, TG. Humor we are going to miss in this new program.

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Fall of 2016 is when will be the premiere of “The Grand Tour”, it seems that Clarkson and his colleagues have been quick to react to the trailers of the renewed Top Gear with Chris Evans at the head of a large computer among which we find Chris Harris and Matt LeBlanc among others.