The grandfather of the supercars: this Pagani Zonda has more than a million miles

Horacio Pagani had a dream (see article: the legend of Pagani, sometimes dreams do come true). The dream of creating a supercar. Back in the eighties, Horace set out to create their own sports, that would be materialized at the end of the nineties in a figure is very characteristic, and a name that to day of today, any lover of speed recognized: the Pagani Zonda. But you will be with me in the task of creating a machine so powerful, radical, and exotic, like this, requires many tests.

“Nonna” is the second prototype of the Pagani, and the model tests on the implemented all the improvements of the Pagani Zonda, over more than a million kilometres.

Thus was born “The Nonna”, Italian for “Grandma”, the Pagani with more kilometres travelled on the face of the Earth. According to GTSpirit would be the second of the prototypes that would get life in 1998 in a Pagani Zonda C12. A prototype that in two decades would have traveled over a million miles. And one of the most beloved brand, and one’s own Horacio Pagani, to the point that in order to celebrate her sixty birthday, decided to show it at the door of the former factory of the brand.

Initially, would have enjoyed only 394 horsepower, a modest recoveries to which they would reach the beasts Italian of Pagani, with engine Mercedes-Benz. Further, “The Nonna” would acquire a more aggressive design, more aerodynamic, and up to 760 HP, adapting to the specifications that later would receive the Pagani Zonda 760 RS.


we do Not doubt that it is very likely we will be to one of Pagani’s most special ever made, and a piece that has lived through countless battles, and the whole evolution of a brand that somehow has managed to fall in love with.


Its current appearance would be exactly the one that is seen in the photo above, clothed with numerous aerodynamic improvements, and even the Italian tricolor.

Via: GT Spirit | Swiss Car Sightings | Prototype Zero