The Great Depression: the hot rod with a japanese soul that is believed to be a Formula 1

Began its existence as a simple Ford in the year 1930. A Model To, equivalent to a Ford Focus, a tool, basic transportation. After more than 80 years, his skeleton ended up in the hands of a fan motor of america, who decided to build a special machine. Called “The Great Depression” in reference to the time in which the Model was released, it is a hot rod that combines classicism with the fanaticism for Formula 1 of its owner. Do the twist? Components of a Honda S2000 rugged.

A night of passion between a Formula 1 and a hot rod from the 30’s gave rise to this abomination.

Although the body of the car remains invariant with respect to its origin, its roof was cut, a “chop” as it is known in the language of tuning. You have installed huge wheels of competition – on both axes – and a peculiar system cantilever suspension for the front axle, again inspired by the Formula 1. But if there is something that calls the attention is the giant spoiler mounted on the rear. Accompanied by a diffuser, is much higher than the roof of the car and causes strains of neck there where it is proposed to pass.

ford-f1-hot-rod-2The surprises are under the bonnet, where it dwells a two-liter engine from a Honda S2000. A propellant extremely sharp, able to exceed 9000 rpm. A maximum power of 240 HP, a record of specific power for years. In its interior, the digital instrumentation, Honda S2000 continues to have a role central. Below you can see this particular hot rod in movement, turning heads wherever it happens, as well as a small video in which you can see part of the construction process.

Source: autoevolution
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