The green light for the Halo in the season 2017


Photo: Scuderia Ferrari

The working group on technical regulations of Formula 1, composed by the team leaders and the safety officer of the FIA, Charlie Whiting, met on Friday in Monaco to decide which of the two solutions for the protection of the cockpit (the Halo or the Aeroscreen) was going to be adopted for the season 2017.

The second solution proposed by Red Bull (that was presented in track during the Grand Prix of Russia), had been the best-received both in the environment of the Formula 1 as among the fans. But the conclusion of the working group was that the fact that has been subjected to less testing than the Halo involves risks for introduction in 2017, due to the possibility of unforeseen arise.

Given that the final decision is set for next July 1, it has been concluded that the Halo (which was first used by Ferrari in the pre-season test in Montmel├│) is the way to go, at least for the moment. But the Aeroscreen will be subjected to a thorough testing program in the face of a possible introduction in the season 2018.

According to Motorsport, the Halo final will be a version more refined and visually less showy, that will be tested in the week after the Grand Prix of Europe in Baku. from the results Of these test will depend on the FIA considers that this modified version may be ready for introduction in the season 2017. The final decision will be taken at the next meeting of the working group, scheduled for the Grand Prix of Great Britain.