The Group FCA and their diesel engines are identified by the KBA German

Grupo FCAAfter the scandal of the emissions of the Volkswagen Group environmental authorities of the different countries of the European Union are hunt for new brands that are in violation of the rules, anti-pollution. One of the countries that have more outstanding is it is Germany. Things as they are, the Volkswagen Group is the first, for now, manufacturer of cars in the world and Europe and the jewel of German industry, and therefore, must protect it at all costs.

This search for new brands infringing touches in full to the Group Fiat Chrysler Autoobiles (Group FCA). According to Reuters the group Italian-american would be in the crosshairs of the European Union for a possible fraud in the emissions of its diesel engines. The German agency KBA indicates that the diesel engines of the Group FCA does not conform to the standards anti-pollution, since the cars would have a device trap to pass the approvals, and once passed the test would be cleared.

Fiat 500XThe Group FCA has been indicted by the German government for “illegal use of a device to shut down the systems of exhaust gas treatment”. According to Reuters, have been sent letters to inform of the situation to the European Commission and Ministry of Transport Italian which indicates that the emissions of certain vehicles of the Group FCA are superior under what circumstances.

we Must remember that this accusation is not new, since a few months, the Group FCA was charged for violating the legislation anti-pollution in some of their models. In those moments the blood not came to the river, and on this occasion it seems that it will splash all over the world. However, have to be cautious with this issue, because it is not the same fool deliberately (which is what you did Volkswagen) that conform to the legality to the maximum (which is what is making the Group FCA).

therefore to clarify the situation a spokesperson for the Group FCA has come out to defend that “the cars of the manufacturer conforms to the current standards of emission and do not contain devices of deactivation”.

finally, I want To clarify the reason on which is founded the charge to the Group FCA. regulations anti-pollution provides a legal loophole that allows systems to anti-pollution and destruction of gas is turned off. You can deactivate according to what circumstances to avoid that can spoil and damage it most delicate zones of the engine.

Some of these circumstances would be when the engine is cold or at low pressure loads. In them the engine pollutes more, but it is also true that it is permitted that contamination of legal form, and although it is not ethical nor is it illegal. Therefore, we must know how to differentiate a legal trap (the one that used the Group FCA, Renault-Nissan, GM-Opel) of the trap authentic, which carried out the Volkswagen Group with its engines.

Source – Reuters