The Group FCA will create the spin-off of Marelli and some of them in 2019

Group FCA is advancing at giant steps up its strategy to restructure the various business areas that integrate it. A few years ago CNH Industrial was the first to break, as in this way, the range of models is made more manageable for you as well, to adapt to the needs of the markets in which they are present. Ferrari he continued on his way when Sergio Marchionne decided to separate it to improve your accounts and to attract investment to improve its liquidity and now there will be a new separation.

Marelli and some of them is the branch of the Group FCA that is dedicated to the research, design, development and manufacture of components for the automotive sector. Just as important is the work carried out by this company, which among its milestones are being the responsible for supplying the famous headlights Full LED Matrix incorporating Audi in some of their models. For this reason, the company of the Agnelli family you are interested in turning it into a technology provider to the global level, of the power to obtain liquidity if any outside firm was interested in taking it.

In this way the Group’s Board of Directors FCA has already given his approval to create the spin-off of Marelli and some of them. So, in the coming months to develop a new plan to close the separation of the company from its parent and to facilitate the start of the trading on the Milan Stock exchange. When the creation of the spin-off is completed, Marelli and some of them will be a company completely independent and with enough autonomy to initiate conversations with other companies in the sector.

Globally Marelli and some of them in the year 2016 with a turnover of 7.900 million euros and could reach a stock market value of some 5 billion euros. With this separation, now could be the purchase Samsung had been planning for a time in the year 2016, providing greater liquidity to the Group FCA with the consequent reduction in its global debt.

Will have to wait for 2019 to the Group FCA start the process of definite separation, to know in what terms are to benefit the shareholders of Exor Group (Agnelli family) and the rest of investors of group italo-american.

Source – Group FCA

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