The GTA Spano from Need For Speed to sale for 1.5 Million euros

do you Remember that Spania GTA Spano yellow that appeared in the movie Need For Speed? So you see taking out the wallet because it is now to the sale of the Spania GTA Spano which participated in Need For Speed by 1.5 million euros. We talk about one of the supercars more exclusive at the time, also one of the most controversial due to its unknown units manufactured, but without a doubt, rara avis now goes to the hands of some wealthy collector who is willing to pay this sum of money to be made with the supedeportivo Spanish 925 CV.


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The unit that is for sale Super Garage Marbella is, that we know to date, the only such unit manufactured and approved for circulation. We speak of a unit which, on the occasion of his participation in the film Need For Speed has managed to attract a significant number of flashes on themselves, allowing us to see this unit in particular to participate in numerous events of the car between the highlight being the Goodwood Festival of Speed. In addition, it has been possible to see this unit to participate in the preview of the film Need For Speed in Hollywood, wearing your design on Monaco and in some other shows static at different points of the Spanish geography.

spania-gta-spano-need-for-speed-venta-0116-01For 1.5 billion euros in the Spania GTA Spano offers the chance to take home a car really unique and prestacional, although not exempt from doubts

The Spania GTA Spano to the sale belongs to the first generation of the model Spano. We speak of a supercar made of composite materials such as carbon fiber, but whose main attraction is a propeller of 8 liters and 10 cylinders in V, supercharged by two turbochargers. This engine is an evolution from the block V10 that gives life to the Dodge Viper. Thanks to this powertrain, the Spania GTA Spano has a peak power of 925 HP and a couple motor 1.220 Nm. The Spania GTA Spano is able to perform the 0-100 Km/h in just 2,9 seconds and exceed 370 Km/h top speed.

spania-gta-spano-need-for-speed-venta-0116-04note that the project Spania GTA with the Spano as the only model in production, always has left us with not a few uncertainties of his true state. For the moment we have not seen evidence that they have been sold in our country more units than today, even so, last year, it was presented an important renovation of the GTA Spano under the specification of 2015 which included a new design and the announcement of the use of Graphene for the first time a production car.

Source: Spania GTA
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