The GTA Spano will mount tyres specific Michelin Pilot Super Sport

spania-gta-spano GTA Spano, by many known as “the Ferrari of a Spanish account from now with a few tires of high performance developed by Michelin specifically for this exclusive model. Fit a vehicle with similar performance level (925CV) is a challenge, with this challenge in the famous French manufacturer, who already has shoes cars as mythical as the Bugatti Veyron or the Koenigsegg Agera R.

will Not be easy that you find a GTA Spano for the street, since their production is limited to a few 20 units per year since this supercar Spanish made its debut back in 2008 in Valencia. In addition to the exclusivity of its production, the base price of around 900.000 euros in Spain, which inevitably alienates a large part of its production of sunny Valencia to numerous emerging countries where, paradoxically, are more highly valued this type of whims.

MICHELIN_Pilot_Super_Sport_GTA SPANOThe model of Spania is not reserved to the circuit, so that to mount a few tires, “street” it seems a logical decision. According to its creators, its driving is “very docile, leaving the driver to decide at each moment how many horses you want to enjoy”. This type of driving many times is at odds with tires semi-slick or compounds very demanding of the driver that require respect for the cycles of warming or take great precautions in water. For this reason, footwear the GTA Spano with tires street ultra high performance Michelin Pilot Super Sport, to be able to drive with maximum safety in road and power withstand 400 km/h in case you want to enjoy it in circuit. The client need to go a step beyond to a level of benefits in the circuit will be able to mount aftermarket tires type Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 or any other slick or semi-slick on the market, approved for street or not.

The price of these tires so exclusive is not public at the moment, but I seem to remember that the Koenigsegg Agera R cost almost 500 euros each. Virtually misery for whom it has paid one million euros for the car, isn’t it?.

Source – Michelin